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Reviewing Your Indiana Insurance

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Have you been paying the Indiana insurance for you home for years without giving it a second thought? Did you know that it’s wise to take the time to review your home insurance every year or so? Here are just a few reasons why you should do so.

1.    You could be paying too much. Loyalty can be a good thing, but has your loyalty to your home insurance carrier been rewarded? Home owners who have made few or no claims on a policy might be able to find a better deal by having an agent shop around.
2.    You could be under-insured. The cost of building a home tends to go up over the years. Have you altered the amount of coverage on your policy to match this increase? If you haven’t you could find that you have insufficient coverage to re-build after a disaster.
3.    You may now have items that aren’t adequately covered by your insurance policy. Have you purchased more jewelry or upgraded your household appliances? There are generally limits on a home insurance policy and if you now have items that exceed those limits you could be disappointed if you ever need to make a claim.

Reviewing you policy isn’t difficult – just spend a little time thinking about how your home or contents have changed since you took out your policy, then call your insurer or agent to arrange adjustments. Is it time to do a little shopping around for better priced Indiana insurance? Speak to our agent for assistance.


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