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Delicious Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

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It seems like this year has flown by in such a way that it should not be Thanksgiving just yet! Does anyone else feel like this? We certainly do! So we just thought that we would give you a delicious recipe to use for this coming Thanksgiving season. It is super easy, and Faith makes … More

I Need an Umbrella for My Home?!

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One thing that we wanted to do was to raise awareness around our community to show everyone WHAT an umbrella policy is, that an umbrella is NOT just used for when it rains, it IS important for everyone to consider, and it has the potential to be a fairly inexpensive policy. So, let’s start here … More

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Category: Blog
Fall leaves photo

In honor and respect for National Diabetes Awareness Month, we thought it beneficial to connect and make sure that we wrote a small portion on this subject. It is said that over 350 million human beings across the world have been diagnosed with diabetes. This diagnosis is a life changing event. This is equaling a … More

The Lovely Outdoors

Category: Blog
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Who doesn’t love being outside during this season of fall? At Synergy Insurance Group, we really enjoy the ability to get outside, spend time with our family, and enjoy the fall weather. We thought that we would be able to give you some (hopefully) good ideas for activities that can be enjoyed by all in … More

Hitting Close to Home – Life Insurance

Category: Blog

Richard, “Dick”, was a man that loved his church, loved his wife, children, and grandchildren, and most of all, he loved serving his God. He loved to teach at Bethel College as a part time professor, he taught Sunday school at his church for almost 30 years, and he absolutely loved spending time with his … More

We Are Ready for Some Football!

Category: Blog

Is your pantry ready for some football?! The start of the trees changing can only mean one thing… FOOTBALL! This can only bring two questions to the table then – “Is my TV connected to get ready for the games?” and “Oh man! I have to get to the store and stock up for game … More

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Beth’s 15 Years of Service!

Category: Blog

  Beth is one that walks around the office with a smile on her face all the time. She loves coming into work everyday, because it is like working with her extended family. She has been faithfully working here at Synergy Insurance Group for 15 years now, and she is such a light and blessing … More

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Carol and 20 Years of Service!

Category: Blog

This Saturday marks a great celebration of sorts. Here at Synergy, we take pride in our work, great customer service, and our fun atmosphere. Carol and Beth were both hired on the same day, but they actually started exactly five years apart. Today, we just wanted to highlight Carol, and hopefully honor her in our … More

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National Traffic Awareness Month

Category: Blog

Who doesn’t travel by car, van, bus, or motorhome? Summer time means that many people travel for family reunions, weddings, vacation, or any other number of adventures that come across the calendar. It seems to be that more people are traveling during this time particularly because kids are off of school, vacation time needs to … More

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