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Beeeeeee Prepared!

By May 30, 2024No Comments

Anytime I hear, “be prepared,” I can’t help but sing that song from the Lion King! You know that scene where the hyenas and Scar are having a grand ole time plotting conspiracy to get rid of Mufasa? Anddddd moving on…. I try hard in my personal and work life to be proactive in my preparedness, and it has helped take a lot of stress out of my day. Eat breakfast, drink coffee (for the good of myself and those around me), stay on task, create a to do list etc. While I can’t possibly plan ahead for every scenario that comes my way, the preparation I am able to do goes a long way. I want to encourage you this season, to plan ahead and prep as best as you can. I know each of your lives look vastly different from mine but let me share some quick tips in the insurance world that may help!

Let’s rip off the band aid. Insurance rates are increasing. Trust me. WE GET IT! At Synergy, we want to help you as much as possible. When you call into our offices, we are ready and prepared to listen to your concerns, requests, and questions. In the midst of our listening, our training has taught us to look beyond your current situation and think long term in the insurance industry and what your needs are and could potentially be. With that being said, we will be able to assist you even better if you call/email with a little bit of prep on your end! How so? Let’s dive in!

As your agents, we want to help you, and a lot of times we need to get extremely personal with the information we ask. This includes your social security, marital status, items in your home, household members etc. We aren’t trying to pry into your business, but it will help us serve you better! Also please be prepared with information on your inquiry. Please be patient and kind as we dive in your policy. Buying a vehicle?  We will need the VIN (vehicle identification number), loan information if applicable, and coverages you desire. Buying a house? We need the mortgage info, specifics on the home including roof updates/basement or not. Adding a driver? We must have their date of birth, name, drivers license number and know their relationship to you. We ask because we care and to make sure you are covered properly. Paying a bill? Have your policy or account number and insurance carrier ready! There’s nothing but love for you here at Synergy and we want to make this the best life experience of your day!

What are some other ways you aim to be prepared in your life? My biggest piece of advice? Start small. One step at a time. It will snowball from there! You got this my friend! As always, please call (574.258-5555) us with any questions or insurance needs you have! Now, go watch the original animated version of the Lion King, be prepared (not to get rid of your King Brother), and have a great day! 😊.