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What images do you think of?

By February 1, 2019July 11th, 2022No Comments

As I sit and watch TV, I am amazed at all the commercials that deal with insurance. Though many are just plain funny, others just make me mad. It makes me wonder what impressions they are sending to us all. My question is: when you think of insurance companies what images do you think of?  The gecko, caveman, Flo, Aaron Rodgers or Mayhem? These insurance companies each spend up to a billion dollars a year sharing their take on the insurance experience.

These commercials, though they give us a laugh, represent the confusion that many have in regards to insurance type of losses. Is it covered or isn’t it? Is it even important?

On the flipside, attorneys also spend billions annually to inform you how insurance companies are there to take advantage of you. You must be prepared for a fight to get what is rightfully yours.

So how does one navigate the balance between these messages when there’s confusion about what is or is not covered, and someone letting you know that you need to watch out as they’ll take advantage of you?

Peace of mind from Synergy Insurance exists for our clients. We take a proactive stance on how to best handle risk. This transfer of risk can be handled in such a way as to protect our clients from concerns of gaps in coverage or unnecessary costs. With an organized risk management program consisting of solutions to manage on going risk, implement safety programs, review claim trends and make necessary changes, we have a competitive edge in the market place.

The time of loss is not a time to be bombarded with miscommunication. So ease your mind by engaging a specialist to avoid the mayhem that could exist without a professional by your side who is looking out for your best interest.

Bryan Nafrady, Owner