Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Running a business in today’s economy is as challenging as it is rewarding. Keeping up with the day to day operations of your business probably requires most of your time and attention. Having the right coverage on your buildings and property is essential. We encourage you to not let one mishap shut down your business. Our agency specializes in managing your risk by analyzing your needs and offering solutions that keep you focused on your business- not your insurance.

Our role is not simply to sell insurance but rather to review your exposures and recommend the best solution to save you from financial catastrophe. Protecting assets with business insurance is very important, and we treat it that way every day of the year.

Synergy is an independent insurance agency, so we can relate to the fears of our business clients. Our agents will personally help you determine the ideal business insurance policy for your company. We have streamlined the process of selecting a customized business insurance plan!

Some of our Indiana business insurance options are:


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