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This Christmas

By December 12, 2018July 11th, 2022No Comments

This holiday season, countless opportunities will arise to mingle and jingle all the way. Due to advancements in technology, our connections are no longer limited to landlines or mere face to face interaction. Connecting to others within our sphere of influence has broadened to include social media, networking websites and apps, seminars and much more. However, we aren’t stopping within the busyness of life to halt and interact with others. How can you when we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off?!?!

We live in a time where our calendars are overbooked, we are overworked and downright exhausted because we don’t know how to say no.  We sprint from one work meeting to our kid’s soccer game and through the drive through of Chick-fil-A, breezing by other humans with a brief head nod and shoulder shrug in acknowledgement of this is the way life is. Day by day we are surrounded by people all in the shuffle of life, and sometimes we don’t even take a moment to stop and acknowledge them. But no matter your personality, there’s no denying that humans crave connection and relationships. It is vital to our survival and development.

This Christmas, I challenge you to take a moment, and stop breezing by.  Sure, sure, sure Jess. I’ve got holiday shopping, a ham to cook, a tree to decorate and about 5 kid’s Christmas recitals. I hear you friends!  But imagine for a moment with me: What would happen if we put down our smart phones, turned Netflix off, breathed and truly saw one another? Dare I venture as far to say, even network with each other? Normally that word sounds so official and limited to the business world, but networking essentially boils down to establishing and nurturing long term relationships. If that relationship happens to boost more than just your personal life, it’s an added bonus! I get it, inviting someone into your world can be downright exhausting, messy or even awkward, but this world is not just about you.

We can all learn from one another if we pause long enough to listen. Maybe you’ll hear about a recipe that would be a game changer at the dinner table for those hungry kiddos. There’s a chance you may hear of a job opening as you look to switch careers. You may finally understand why a co-worker is short and stressed. Maybe you’ll discover a mutual passion for the Indianapolis Colts or perhaps you will find that friend that God has for you during a time in your life where you need encouragement and hope.

So what does this have to do with insurance? Anything at all? Absolutely. However, it’s more about you, our clients, than the industry of insurance. Professional relationships can hold the reputation for being impersonal and abrupt interactions between clients and business. You may feel like you aren’t being heard, but rather seen as just a number. At Synergy, we desire a personal connection with you! Our goal is to bring you into our family, not just keep you on the outskirts as a number. Family stays through the good, ugly, fun and hard. Family shows tough love, but with grace as well. So this Christmas season I want you to know, Synergy is here for you; our community, our family. Have a blessed Christmas!