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Personal Insurance

Count Your Blessings

By March 8, 2019August 28th, 2020No Comments

#Blessed. Take a moment and think about that word.

Did you wake up this morning, maybe even a little begrudgingly?  Blessed.  Have a roof over your head and food in your home?  Blessed.  Clothes on your back?  Blessed.  A job that pays? Blessed.

However you look at it, there are numerous people, places and things that are present in our life that we are blessed with. So what do we do with all these blessings? Take care of them! You get regular maintenance on your vehicle, clean your kitchen, do laundry and spend countless hours at your local coffee shop pouring into the lives of others. We nurture our relationships and painstakingly get our cars detailed, but what about that personal property that is extra special to you? Your priceless heirloom from a grandparent, an original painting from Van Gogh or your engagement ring need just as much care and protection!

So how do you protect these items? Inland marine insurance. Let’s give you a little bit of background matey!

“Regardless of the term “marine,” an inland marine insurance policy typically covers property on land. Inland marine insurance is an offshoot of ocean marine insurance coverage. Originally, insurance companies offered “ocean marine” insurance to protect owners from losses of goods shipped by water in the event the ship sunk or was seized by pirates. Over time, individuals and businesses began shipping cargo beyond the major port cities and required protection from losses of goods while in transit over land. With the creation of inland marine insurance, insurance companies began offering protection for goods shipped beyond the major bodies of water and port cities. Today, inland marine insurance provides coverage for a broad range of miscellaneous types of property in transit and onsite.” (

Got all that savvy?  Let’s put it in 2019 terminology. Your homeowner’s policy will only cover a small portion of the value of your specialty items. If your jewelry, furs, vintage coins, or rifle gets stolen or lost, most policies will only cover the item for $500-$1500. Chances are you need more coverage than that.  So what are you supposed to do?!?!?!? Endorse it friend! Your insurance carrier offers an inland marine endorsement that offers you the choice to insure your specialty item(s) for more than is generally stated in your homeowner’s policy. Voila!

Maybe it’s time you and your #blessed-self look at those blessings and verify if they are adequately covered! Blessings friends!