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Is That You Spring?

By March 13, 2024No Comments

Indiana is toying with my emotions, for sure. I never know what to wear when I get dressed in the morning anymore! Do I dress for an ice storm or am I safe with a light cardigan when I see the sun poking through the clouds? Windbreaker or raincoat? Boots or mules? Mittens, leggings or sleeveless? Y’all, I need HELP! While I may not have a clue what to wear these days, one thing I do know is I want you to have a clue when it comes to insurance needs as the weather changes.

As Spring approaches, a lot of people are traveling more whether for spring break, work trips or leisure. All of these events have insurance risks. The main 3 I want to review are:

1. Car rentals
2. Travel Insurance
3. Airbnb/vacation Rentals

Renting a vehicle to prevent extra miles on your personal vehicle is a smart move considering gas prices at the moment. Car rental companies require insurance. They will either request a copy of your personal auto policy or will try to sell you theirs. Most auto policies have the ability to offer coverage on a rental car that you use. Your “rental” auto policy will most likely mirror your current auto policy. Liability and physical damage coverage will apply. There are two gaps to watch out for, loss of use and diminishment of value. Make sure you ask your agent or account manager if you have this coverage and if not, I highly recommend adding it.

Travel insurance is not typically included in your home or auto policy. So how do you get your trip covered in the event of sickness or unexpected change in plans? While we don’t offer travel insurance at our agency, I recommend going through a travel agent or sometimes your credit card company (if you own a credit card), can also provide options. Get your flights, cars, hotel rooms covered so you aren’t 100% out of what you paid for your trip.

Airbnb’s are increasing in popularity. It gives the feeling of home away from home. While it may feel like home, my motto is to, “treat it better than my own.” I know accidents can happen, and we all just want to have fun, right? Make sure you have proper liability coverage on your own home, read your Airbnb contract carefully to see what your responsibilities are should a loss occur, and leave better than you found it.

I won’t be taking a spring break vacation, but I want to make sure you aren’t springing without proper information. Please check with your insurance agent or account manager to verify how you can have peace of mind on your coverages as you travel. If we can help, please email us your questions: Happy spring y’all!