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Top Business Claims of 2023 and How to Avoid Them in 2024

By February 26, 2024No Comments
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 In the fast-paced world of business, you don’t want a claim to slow you down. Below are the top business claims of 2023 so business owners can learn how to avoid them in 2024.
Looking for tips to prevent these four common claims of 2023? Read on.

Top business claim of 2023: Employee injury

To reduce employee injury claims and promote safety in the workplace

  • Conduct extensive training, both for new hires and for longstanding team members. All employees should undergo safety training before starting work. In addition, holding annual refresher courses can help prevent employee injuries across the company.
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE). Have enough PPE, like gloves, masks, vests, hard hats, etc., on hand. Conduct training sessions so your team knows the proper way to wear the gear and enforce rules to mandate it on the worksite.
  • Inspect machinery, make necessary repairs, and have a safety services expert visit your workplace. They can help identify hazards and make a safety plan that’s unique to your business.
  • Staff your team adequately. Too few employees can lead to longer hours and drowsiness on the worksite, which can be a recipe for injury.
  • Keep up with workers compensation requirements and claims. A comprehensive policy can help protect against day-to-day accidents. On top of that, filing workers compensation claims right away is always recommended.
  • Slips and Falls:
    • Use clear signage or blockades to call attention to water or other hazards on the ground.
    • Conduct an audit of the lighting on your property. If there are dim or unlit areas on the interior or exterior of your building, add lighting to help customers and employees identify hazards.

Top business claim of 2023: Auto collisions

For a safer time behind the wheel …

  • Be a defensive driver. If you’re a commercial driver operating a large vehicle, be aware of all vehicles and pedestrians around you and keep your head on a pivot.
  • Consider adding fleet telematics devices to commercial vehicles to increase safety and savings. Did you know? The devices can deliver powerful safety benefits like 45% fewer vehicle accidents, a 75% reduction in speeding events, and an 80% reduction in aggressive driving, including hard braking, hard cornering, sustained speeding, and sudden acceleration.
  • Never drive distracted. Keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on the drive. Reduce distractions by putting your cellphone in the glove compartment, knowing your directions before you start driving, picking a playlist before going, and eating before or after the drive.
  • Watch the weather. Increase following distances in wet, icy, snowy, foggy, or dark conditions. If possible, plan long drives around the weather and leave when it’s safest for driving.
  • Service your company’s vehicles regularly and get recalls addressed right away.
  • Inspect vehicles before driving and clear off any snow, ice, or other debris that could hinder your ability to see.

Top business claim of 2023: Property damage liability

Reducing this risk will look different from industry to industry and business to business. But to add better protection for the coming year …

Call us to talk about liability insurance. Maybe the wiring in a house you built led to a fire. Or one of your company vehicles was involved in an accident. Liability insurance protects you from the damage your employees, products, or services cause to someone’s property. Our agents are insurance experts and will help build the coverage you need for your unique risks this year.

We are here to help protect you in the new year, educate you on comprehensive coverage, and provide peace of mind. Call or email us today with any questions you may have. 574.231.6566 or

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