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By April 30, 2018No Comments

Before beginning to work in insurance, I’ll admit, I was that individual who got my policy in the mail, barely glanced at it, and diligently paid my premiums every month with no clue as to what my coverages were. I relied on my “safe” driving to ensure that I wasn’t in an accident, because the words floating around on that page of my insurance policy were a whole other language that I didn’t want to take the time to understand.

The insurance industry is notorious among consumers for being confusing, frustrating and expensive. From health to life, auto to home, insurance is one of those things that you shouldn’t live without, yet it can seem like such a hassle to implement its benefits into your everyday life without feeling like you want to scream and pull your hair out. We see commercials promising us HUGE savings and amazing customer service, but do we ever read the fine print? How do those savings happen? Your premium may decrease, but did the amount that you are covered plummet with those prices? Are there any exclusions to your policy? What about hidden fees? And now you’re back to being frustrated, confused and irritated.

Enter Synergy Insurance Group. Our goal is to build honest relationships with our clients and interact frequently with them, so that they feel cared for, safe, and knowledgeable about their insurance policies. We want to give you the best possible price along with the best coverages with exceptional customer service! That’s one of the many reasons we look at numerous competitive carriers when quoting your policy. Maybe you’re thinking, “So? Shouldn’t that be the goal of every insurance company?” We sure hope that is the case. But here at Synergy, we want to take it one step further:

“We believe that by serving people, we bring glory to God, our Creator. When we serve our customers by uncovering needs and ensuring security and peace of mind through our solutions, and when we build team members through mentoring, empowerment and leadership, we allow God’s blessings to flow through us. We strive for this every day (The Synergy Vision).”

Being a faith- based company is what makes us different. We want to work with excellence in everything we do, because God has called us to such a standard! We will not compromise for financial gain, short term expediency or for any other reason. God guides our decisions and the way we treat others, it’s the very foundation of our company and helps us stand out, and we want to be held accountable to that standard. We hope that you feel our passion and love for you, our customers and we cannot wait to continue serving you in the future.