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Home Inventory

By September 11, 2017July 11th, 2022No Comments

Taking inventory of your home is one of the many ways that  you can best prepare for unseen and unfortunate circumstances that may come your way. Here at Synergy Insurance Group, we hope that you never have to experience a loss, but just in case theft, a natural disaster, fire or anything else happens to occur, we want to make sure that you recover as many of your belongings as you can! In the midst of the commotion that accompanies a loss, it is sometimes difficult to recall all of the items that are in your home. The big items are typically the easiest to remember, but what about those priceless picture albums? The precious baby shoes or priceless family heirlooms that may be stored away? Will you remember every item of clothing you own, every dish, every DVD? Creating a home inventory helps to take the guess work and frustration out of filing a claim.

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet! If you have a computer, Microsoft Excel will work great! There are also several websites that offer tips on how to document your belongings, including FEMA and the Insurance Information Institute.

Step 2: Document your belongings. Most home inventories are categorized and divided room by room. Suggestions for columns include: description of the item, quantity, model and serial number (if applicable), year purchased and store purchased from, and cost. Keep receipts of all valuable items including rings, appliances, etc.

Step 3: Take digital photographs of the items on your list that you can store with your spreadsheet. The easiest way is to take pictures room by room. Don’t forget to document the outside of your home as well!

Step 4: Make sure all your data is backed up online and/or on a USB drive that serves as your hard copy. Place your hard copy in a place that isn’t your home or in a safety deposit or lock box.

We hope that you never experience a loss, but we want to help you be prepared in all situations. An accurate home inventory is one of the ways to make sure you have “Peace of Mind” knowing your home is insured and your belongings are accounted for.