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Blog - Family Home with a Red Door and American Flag Outside

As winter melts away and spring approaches, more and more houses are listed on the market for sale. Buying a home can be such a fun experience! Maybe it’s your first home, you are upgrading or just moving to a different area. Personally, I can’t wait for a walk-in master closet and a spacious pantry in my kitchen! And a mud room for our 3 fur kids. And a four seasons room so I can attempt to keep sun in my life year round in some way. Regardless of the reason why you are purchasing a home, there are a few quick tips and reminders to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t skip the inspection. The inspector will be able to see and find things you cannot see through a simple walk through of the home such as hidden mold, wood rot, appliances that may not be working etc.
  2. Pay close attention to the last time the roof, furnace, a/c units were upgraded or replaced. If it’s over 20 years old, depending on the brand, how close is it to needing replacement or maintenance?
  3. Is the home located in or near a flood zone? Flood is a peril that is NOT covered on your homeowners insurance. Typically, you need a separate policy if you live in or near a flood plain. Your insurance will also be higher in these areas because the risk is also higher of a claim associated with water.
  4. Has the home had previous insurance claims? If so, ask why.
  5. Give your insurance agent at least a 30 day notice of purchasing a new home if possible. This will be beneficial to you and your loan officer if applicable.

We obviously want our home to be aesthetically pleasing as well as provide a lot of other things we have on our dream list(s). In the midst of those wishes, keep in mind the bones of the structure and how it functions are just as important! We’re here to help. Call: 574-258-5555 or check our website: Synergy Home Insurance