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Who is Synergy?!

By November 22, 2022No Comments

We are living in a time that is like no other. One, because I’ve never lived in another time, and two, we are experiencing historic inflation in our economy amidst other perils and events of interest. One thing that remains constant is our need for insurance coverage. While prices are ever increasing and people are looking harder than ever at the budgets, the need for insurance is becoming increasingly evident. At Synergy Insurance, we want to make sure that you know we are here to walk with you. We have families, we understand the need to keep your family and businesses protected, without breaking the bank. But how exactly does Synergy accomplish all that? Endless commercials from Geico to Allstate to Liberty Mutual and Limu the Emu boast some sort of promise to save you money, but at what cost? What is in the fine print?

Here at Synergy, we are a family oriented, dedicated team that is trained and licensed to look at your policies legally and ethically to provide you the best possible coverage. We want you to have enough coverage in the event of a loss so that you pay your deductible and nothing more. Over the years, we’ve partnered with A+ insurance companies to bring you a competitive rate with numerous coverages tailored to you. You are not just a number. We will look at your specific needs and converse with multiple insurance companies to find the best fit, because as we know, one size does not fit all. Our goal is to continually help you adjust your policy with our licensed staff as needed through the changes in life including marriage, death, property loss, children, new business owners and more. We are here to answer any questions you may have along with understanding why you have certain coverages. Our experienced team has seen a variety of scenarios over the years, and we desire to help protect you to the best of our ability! We cannot control accidents or the weather, but our job is to ensure you know the risks.

Our entire team that deals with your policies are licensed and accredited agents. However, we all have different roles. There are two types of agents the Producer (sales agent) and the Account Manager. The Producer is typically who you first speak to when your policies are being written and implemented. They gather your information, get to know you and your needs, and talk to companies to see who is best for you! The account manager assists in keeping your account current with any changes and can assist in all needs that incur.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Synergy and our team, please check out our website and follow us on Facebook.