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Beep Beep!

By July 6, 2023No Comments
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Beep Beep!!!!

The weather is finally decided to stay summer and I couldn’t be more pumped! With the exception of the Canada fire fog creeping down, warm temperatures, a light summer rain and long summer nights have been the highlight of the past few weeks! Summer brings a multitude of joy! Neighborhood cookouts and garage sales, lake boat rides, sunset hikes and travel. All of this is just comfort food for the soul. In the midst of summer travels, a lot of us don’t want to put extra miles on our car as we choose to drive to a Smokey Mountain Airbnb. Hence, we rent a car! Enterprise, here we come! Renting a car is a great way to not put extra stress on your vehicles. So here’s what you need to know and how it impacts your current car insurance.

  1. Make sure that your policy is ACTIVE. I know, I know! That one is a no brainer, right? But it still needs to be said.
  2. Make sure that you have liability and physical damage coverage on your current auto policy. Liability is legally required by the state, physical damage including comprehensive, and collision is optional. I like to remember comprehensive coverage as acts of God such as wind, hail, theft, fire, deer, and glass. Collision counts as colliding with another person, place or thing.
  3. Don’t buy Enterprise’s expensive car insurance! A lot of times, your personal auto policy can cover what you need.
  4. Talk with your agent to make sure that your auto policy covers or has the ability to add on
    “loss of use,” and “diminishment of value.” These will cover any gaps that your base auto may not cover initially. Loss of use covers you and the rental car company in the even that there is an accident that renders the rental car unable to be used while it’s being repaired. Diminishment of value covers the rental car company as now that rental car’s value has decreased due to it being in an accident.

We hope that with any concerns or questions you have, you’ll give our office a call at 574.258.5555 and we can walk you through any coverage questions you may have or check out our website for more information on auto insurance

Keep those miles off your car if you can and SAFE TRAVELS and enjoy that vacay!