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Pre-Winter Insurance checklist

By October 25, 2019August 28th, 2020No Comments

The leaves are starting to fall and the morning air is crisp. There’s a slight frost that glistens on the ground as the sun rises; a true sign that the season of fall is beginning to dawn upon us! Our culture screams pumpkin spice lattes, over sized sweaters, Saturday football, and apple picking are the staples of this harvest season, and I’m NOT here to disagree. I mean, who doesn’t love watching the leaves change color and attempting to carve out the perfect pumpkin?!?!?! I say attempt because my artistic abilities mirror that of a five year old who sneezed while trying to draw a stick figure with a crayon.

So while in no shape or form am I ready to even start thinking about the holiday that rhymes with isthmus, it’s important from an insurance perspective to look ahead and be proactive. So I’m here to assist in a quick pre-winter checklist!

 Concerning your home:

  1. Clean out those gutters. As the leaves fall, they can clog up your gutters! Add water, then frozen ice and the weight of those may be too much to handle, not to mention they will not drain properly.
  2. Check your roof for any signs of damage BEFORE the snow falls.
  3. Have your furnace checked and if necessary, change your filters.

Concerning your auto:

  1. Have your battery tested! As temperatures drop, if your car battery is on it’s last leg, it may not last the winter season. If you need a new one, now is the time to get it! Check your local Auto Zone or Advanced Auto!
  2. Check your tires! The tread on your tires can make all the difference in your safety. We don’t want you smooth sliding down the bypass.
  3. Create an auto emergency kit to keep IN your car! Fill it with: a first aid kit, extra bottles of water, granola bars/beef jerky, flashlight with extra batteries, blanket, jumper cables, candles and matches, and phone battery bank.

I love when a checklist is that concise! Boom! You’ve got some time before the first snow hits, but why not go ahead and mark these things off your checklist?!?! In the interim, take advantage of these next few weeks of windows open, signature homemade chili, pumpkin bread and fall festivals! You will probably see me along the way, coffee in hand and overly bundled walking my sweet pup Olive! #peaceofmind #homeownersinsurance #autoinsurance